Monday, September 21, 2009

What Does Your Nightstand Say About You?

Have you ever taken a look at what's on your nightstand?  I did, and I found the discheveled mess quite interesting to say the least. It definitely reveals a lot about me.  And I am sure yours does too.

So here's what's sitting on my nightstand right now (and what it all means):

1.  Three used wadded up tissues (I have allergies and I am obviously a slob).
2.  An empty tissue box (I need more tissues).
3.  Eyedrops (Again, allergies and dry eyes).
4.  Seven pens (perhaps a fettish of some sort?  One for each of my personalities to write with?)
5.  Two issues of Psychology Today (always trying to find out what is wrong with me).
6.  A small notebook (so I can take notes on what I learn when it comes to what is wrong with me).
7.  Antacids (I'm getting old).
8.  Reading glasses (Really OLD!).
9. Fitness books (my attempt to stay healthy and keep from looking OLD!).
10.  A bottle of at least 4-day-old water (not going to stay healthy if I drink that crap).
11. Phone with the ringer turned off (the beast does not like to be awoken from her sleep).
12.  A plastic ring of caps to my son's cap gun (Heck if I know...I told you there is something wrong with me!)

So what does all of that as a whole say about me?  Everything I try to hide from the world, which would be that I'm a neurotic, aging slob with a drippy nose and too many pens!  Oh yeah, and that I NEED TO CLEAN MY NIGHTSTAND! 

I would love to hear what's on your nightstand. If anything, it might make me feel better about the huge slob I am.  I'll still think there is something wrong with me, but at least it would be nice to know that I have company.

Now I'm talking strictly what's on TOP of your nightstand, ladies, not IN it.  That's an ENTIRELY different jar of K-Y jelly right there.  We can go into the batteries and little pink "rabbits" some other time (mine's a plug-in, by the way...ensures I have power whenever I need it).  I can see my mom reading this right now and wondering, "Why does she think we keep pink rabbits in our nightstands?  There's something wrong with her!"....IT'S OKAY, MOM...I'LL EXPLAIN IT TO YOU LATER!

So tell me, ladies...what is on your nightstand and what does it tell the world about you?



Daffy said...

You SO hit the nail on the head! Right when I was thinking "lube" and "pink rabbits" you pulled 'em out of the nightstand! We are on the same wave length there.

As for the top.... 4 month layer of dust and the remote to my sleep numbers bed.

ethelmaepotter! said...

I had to go look, because I couldn't believe I am this boring: a lamp and alarm clock.

joemmama said...

I laughed so hard I almost peed.....

MaryRC said...

LOL!! you crazy gurl! i dont have a nightstand but a full blown dresser with TEN TONS of crap on it, guess what its all mine. my room could get me a special appearance on Oprah with the clutter clean up crew at my door. my bedroom is my "keeping the illusion alive" room, the rest of the house is fairly clean (illusion), the bedroom.. not so much..

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

A fan because hot flashes are no friend to good sleep, a lamp, and a phone. My dresser was attacked by ants not too long ago and everything had to go...well, except for the dust. I hate dusting until it really needs it. Oh, wait, a teeny tiny salt shaker my daughter brought home from Europe. Don't ask me. I have no clue.

Anonymous said...

So funny, all your stuff, I live on my own and have two bedside tables, one each side of the bed, lamp, alarm clock, tissues , two phones, my mobile and landline, (both on all the time!)
good book and a pen or two!!

Housewife Savant said...

The secret is having a nightstand that's so small that keeping it clean is not an option.
Tissues? Use a sleeve. Better yet; don't have allergies. (Don't we wish. I'm allegic too, ugh.)
Hubby has the "drawered" nightstand, with The Drawer, the one that gives my married daughter nightmares.
To her I say, "Hey dipstick, the nail polish was ALWAYS in drawer NUMBER FOUR. Stay OUT of drawer number three."

Lovely blog. Mary rocks indeed.

Lora said...


an old cell phone because the alarm wakes me up better than my new cell phone
iPod docking "alarm clock"
regular old clock
3 books
a couple of kleenex, one used, one not
a lamp that has had a burned out bulb for approximately a year
a glass partially filled with water from last night
a coaster, surprisingly NOT under the glass

and I'll stop there as I'm not at home to actually see what else is there!

Visiting you from SITS--love your blog! I'm following you now :0)

What was done said...

Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things:

Vicki said...

Well thanks for reminding me I am old. I don't know quite how this will work since my nightstand doesn't have drawers it has shelves, but here you go.
1. a stupid giraffe lamp because I can't afford to go get a reading one. Not that I have used it since I am way too flipping tired by the time I got to bed I crash.
2. The alarm remote. Paranoid? Maybe. It is those dang commercials I tell ya!
3. a Book that I have been starting....and starting...and starting
4. A size two and a size five diaper
5. Baby lotion. ha ha, NO, lotion is no longer sexy. All I think about is my hangnails and my daughter's eczema.
6. Buttpaste (diaper cream EWWWWWWWWW for what you may have been thinking!)
7. a pacifier to keep the baby girl happy when she wakes up at five a.m.
8. An eye mask that I haven't had to wear for years since the kids have me up at the freaking break of dawn.
9. The fan remote. Don't know why, hasn't been touched in like a year.
and finally...10..Bibles from a religion I am not a part of (I am just like the completely opposite) simply because I don't know what to do with them to get rid of them and I don't want to be so harsh as to just throw them away.So, they move from shelf to shelf in this house.

Where did the condems go?? HA HA. You mean the year old expired one's under the bed? he wishes.

Anyway following from SITS. Thanks for the reminder that it is midnight and I am sitting here blogging rather than ....... well you know. Not that I would with the kids in the room anyway. Gosh, this is longer than a random tuesday. I'm done

Red Writer said...

Okay, what's on my night books piled in the corner, five of which I'm always going to read but never will, a lamp, a box of tissues becaue I too have allergies, a little clock, an empty can of diet caffeine free coke, two used wrappers kit kat bars, (did you think I would say something sexual? Me? Never!)a bottle of dark pink nail polish that I'll probably never wear, toe nail clippers, moisturizer and three nicely laid out extra strengh advil. Ahhh, it's that time of the month again! god, I need to clean my night stand!